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Northbrook Park Wedding – Laura & Micah

“Overall James was probably the best addition to our wedding in terms of what we spent our money on. He is more than a photographer. You definitely get a lot more than you pay for, which in our case was all of the above, a lot of fun and great photos reflecting that. We would highly recommend.”- Micah & Laura

There is so much I could say about this special day shared by Laura, Micah and all of their friends and family. It was a truly special day in so many ways. Their Northbrook Park Wedding was just amazing from start to finish. I hope you can tell how much fun we had by the images!

Now that’s enough from me, let me handover to Laura & Micah to tell you a bit more about their wedding.

How did you meet, how did you become engaged, and for how long had you been engaged before your wedding day?

We met at university in our second year, handing out tea and toast topeople coming out of the student union at 3am as we were both a part of the Christian Union. 5 years later Micah flew out to New York (for 35hours) to surprise her at the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park and proposed.

Did anything, in particular, inspire you to have the style of day that you had?

Laura was inspired by Italian weddings. Simplicity was key. That is why we chose many of the features as white and green. We are both Christians so this guided a lot of the traditional elements, being married in a church, especially the one we were married in as it was where Laura had gone to church growing up and her parents were also married there.


The bride’s mother made the centerpieces, replicating an idea from Pinterest with upside-down vases, a candle, and foliage!

Did you have anyone accompany you to the ceremony (or ‘down the aisle’)?

It was the Bride’s father who is a vicar also married us which was really good fun.

Did you choose a ‘first dance’ track? Please share what it was, and why, only if you are happy to do so…

Tom Misch- Movie. It was just from an album we had listened to quite a lot in the car and thought it was personal and unique to us. Amazingly, the band learnt it in preparation and so played a live rendition for our
first dance.

What was your experience of picking your wedding dress?

I struggled to find a dress I fell in love with when I went to bridal stores. I ended up looking online to get a feel of the designers I liked and found my second-hand dress on Stillwhite.com. I ended up meeting the owner in London and taking it home that day! I got it tailored so it was a perfect fit.

What led to this choice in your wedding day wardrobe? What did you love about what you wore the most

It was simple, it was comfortable and it suited me


Dune- Very high platforms with cross diamante straps. Micah is over a foot taller than Laura so the 5inch heels were needed!

Why did you choose your photographer?

James Richard Photography. We actually knew James from our time at university so had already been following him on Instagram. We decided to try him out and it turned out to be one of the major reasons why the day itself went so well. The engagement shoot was very helpful to get used to being in front of the camera and he worked tirelessly all day for our wedding. A lot of guests had many positive things to say about him. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

What did your partner wear and where was it from?

The groom wore a tailor-made velvet jacket from Moss Bros and Ted Baker tuxedo. Shoes from Loakes.

Your Florist, and details of why you opted for the flowers you went with

Rhubarb and Bramley- I have always loved Peonies so wanted these to be front and centre! https://www.randbflowers.co.uk My two favourite items were the flower arrangement on the church arch and also the centerpiece at the venue.

Groom crying as he sees his bride walking down the aisle

What was your very favourite part of the day and why?

Groom- for me it was meeting everyone at the church before the bride arrived (don’t take anything from this!). It was so nice seeing everyone be so happy for you and was actually one of the few opportunities we had to speak to people during the day.

Bride- we loved having all our favourite people together in one room. It was such a joy to celebrate with so many people who have been so generous to us over so many years!

And, on reflection, is there anything you might have done differently with foresight?

Not worry about the weather forecast in the lead up! It really doesn’t matter on the day

On the subject of ‘wedding budget’, are you happy to disclose what your original budget was, and if this budget was exceeded?

We planned well and there were a few things we decided to do DIY so we could afford to have everyone for the whole day which we decided was a priority for us before we began planning.

If you could impart any words of wisdom to others planning their wedding, what would they be?

Groom- I have a few things. For me it is probably recognising each other’s strengths. There are certain things we can individually get on with as we know best. Often we got caught trying to do everything together and in agreement. Also to delegate- we realized that there are so many people who are genuinely overjoyed to help out and be part of your day. It meant that we had minimal rushing around on the last day and day of the wedding.

Taking time for yourselves. What quickly happened was that each time we met we ended up solely wedding planning and so our relationship was put on hold in many respects. It’s often good to just take time out and have dinner or hang out without talking about planning and just enjoy being with each other.

Laura- Pre-marriage courses. Often your relationship becomes all about the wedding. We had to do one as a precondition of getting married at the church but we also did one separately to that. It was a great way of giving time to discuss important issues and go into the day on the same page.

When we now go to weddings we are so much more appreciative and try to look for their individual touches. When you plan a wedding you know how much thought and effort goes into it and we are so touched to be invited and part of someone’s special day

We started the day at Barnett Hill Hotel where Laura was getting ready. The vibe with Laura’s friends and parents was so relaxed. It really was no problem at all getting awesome images of them all getting ready. Laura had gone for such a simple and elegant look, I think we were all blown away by how right she had got it! All morning, you could tell how close the ties were between Laura and her wedding party. This became even more apparent when her bridesmaids and parents prayed for her before the ceremony. With their faith being so important to Laura and Micah alike, this was such a special and heartfelt moment to witness.

The Ceremony

Fast forward to the ceremony, held at St John the Baptist Church, Busbridge, and here came one of my favorite moments from the day. When Micah saw Laura for the first time as she was walked down the aisle, there was not so much a welling up, or a single tear. Micah gave into a wonderful expression of his emotion as he dissolved into tears. It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. Those moments are what it’s all about for me.
The ceremony then transitioned from that poignant moment to the joy and laughter that followed. From a flower girl going rogue and trying to go back up the aisle to Laura’s Dad having fun playing his part as Father and Vicar! He took full advantage of the moment of asking who gives this woman in marriage!

A Northbrook Park Wedding Reception

What an incredible venue to photograph at! It was beautiful outside and in, complete with peacocks roaming free! I had a great time at this venue and would highly recommend a Northbrook Park Wedding to everyone.
Laura and Micah enjoyed such an incredible reception here, with a beautiful wedding breakfast and EPIC party!

During the meal, the speeches were all incredible. To get 3 out of 3 speeches be that funny is rare. However Micah, his best man and Laura’s Dad rose to the challenge and had the guests (and me!) in stitches. And although there was a fair bit of banter in there, they all spoke so highly of the bride and groom. It was such a testament to them as just lovely people.
Then we come onto the party- these guys know how to party! There were so many epic moments out on the dance floor, I literally couldn’t tear myself away! I stayed well into the night and captured some amazing moments! People were lifted into the air, there was the worm, endless crazy moves, and the whole wedding just having an incredible time.

Micah and Laura are an incredible couple, and the day really showed how right they are for each other. They were just mega chilled around each other, their relationship is so effortless as they just seem to be the best of friends. Throughout the whole day, you could just tell how much they loved each other. The little looks they’d give each other and how they held each other were all telling signs of a great couple. It was an honor to be their wedding photographer and I hope you all love the photographs as much as I do!

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