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Danson House Wedding – Hayley & Bradley

Hayley and Bradley went all out to celebrate their wedding, and had two weddings! Having had two weddings myself, I can’t say I blame them- it is an occasion to celebrate as much as you can! The first part of their wedding took place in England, and they chose to have a Danson House Wedding.

A Danson House Wedding is full of history and beauty and it was a beautiful backdrop to their wedding part one! The guest list was stripped back to their very nearest and their very dearest. This made it so special to be a part of, to see such an intimate and personal wedding.

Hayley and Bradley were clearly just so excited to get married, matched by the excitement of their children. It was the perfect wedding ceremony, put together so tastefully. It didn’t matter one jot that it rained all day, the joy of the bride and groom couldn’t be dampened! And this was so remarkably different to the wedding part two, it just felt typically British!

With a Danson House Wedding as part one, check out part two here- a rustic country wedding in the South of France. And yes, it was as picturesque as you are imagining!

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