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Winchester House, Putney Wedding – Jess & Chris

“Hire this man!! We can’t thanks James enough for the care that went into shooting our engagement and wedding photos. Firstly, he’s such a wonderful human being to be around, making the whole experience of having our picture taken which we were both quite nervous about so much FUN! Our guests all adored him and it was such a pleasure having him as part of our day. Secondly, our photos capture the energy of the day perfectly. Looking through them had been so amazing, it brings back every emotion of the day and he has captured so many wonderful memories for us to keep. James – THANK YOU!”- Jess & Chris

What a day I had with Jess and Chris! They planned the most beautiful wedding for their guests and themselves, all hosted at Winchester House, Putney. It was elegant, it was full of fun, and most of all, it was as clear as day that these two were madly in love!

I started off the day with Jess, her bridesmaids and her Mum. We were at the Richmond Harbour Hotel, which was an excellent choice. There is something really special about this part of the day and I love to be in a position to witness it. Jess’ best girls did a great job of getting her ready for the biggest day of her life. And in return, Jess gave them all beautiful bracelets and cards to show her gratitude. There were plenty of tears to go round but in the best kind of way!

Winchester House, Putney

Once all the girls were ready, we headed over to the Winchester House wedding that was awaiting them. It was such an excellent choice of location! With stunning views across the Thames, the wedding guests spent the day enjoying the beauty London has to offer. For that reason alone, I would recommend a Winchester House wedding.

After a lovely ceremony, we caught a chance to have a couple photos. Anyone who knows me will know that this is one of my favorite parts of the day! It’s a joy to see a couple have their first moments (almost!) alone as husband and wife. We went from Winchester House to a spot right on the Thames- I couldn’t let that opportunity sail past me! Jess and Chris were so relaxed and sweet with each other. It was a lovely pause in the day and I love the photographs I captured here!

And then onto the reception! Again held at Winchester House, Putney which made the day flow so smoothly. And did everyone have a great time or what?! The speeches were hilarious. They were the kind of funny where I had to remind myself to keep taking photos! The best men were on top form that evening, getting the whole room in stitches. Jess also did a speech which I loved. Bride speeches aren’t too common and I love it when a couple breaks from tradition!

And then… came the dancing! The recipe to an incredible wedding party = an amazing live band and a break dancing groom! Chris really showed off his moves and I don’t blame him- I would too if I could dance like that. Check out the photographs of him in his element, they are well worth a look!

So all in all, a fantastic day! Jess and Chris put on a great celebration at Winchester House, Putney, and they were such a lovely couple to be celebrating. It was clear all day that they were truly in love and the best of friends. It was an honour to photograph their day.

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