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If I could spend all my evenings like I spent this one- I would be a happy man! Picture this- a great couple, boho styled wedding shoot, sunset light and a great venue. I had that all packaged into one awesome evening and I love the photos that came from it! This was all thanks to Wilderness Weddings Kent and the amazing Boho Temple. If you are after a Boho themed wedding, you really need look no further.

Wilderness Weddings Kent

If I said to you that I had found you the perfect outdoor wedding venue, surrounded by incredible views, wildlife, beautiful woodland and a stunning lake, would it get your attention? Well it should because Wilderness Weddings Kent offers the perfect setting for this idyllic scene. They are also the perfect backdrop for a boho themed wedding! Let me tell you a bit about it…

A virtual Wilderness Weddings Kent tour a la James

So I’ll start by taking you to St Mildred’s Wood, stunningly beautiful and surrounded by the history and architecture of the great outdoors. They have carved a clearing into the woodland which is perfect for a wedding ceremony in amongst nature. It can seat 120 guests, and what a way to start married life it would be. Listening to the ferns and rushes in the background and looking up at a cathedral of trees, enjoying a beautiful day with your friends and family- perfection.

Now let’s take a stroll through Wilderness Valley. With awesome views as far as the eye can see, it’s a great space for everyone to blow of steam. Left unspoilt, it really takes you back to nature. Which other venue can you think of like that? As the valley guides you towards another potential ceremony spot, it really is a great way to show your guests that your wedding will be a wedding with a difference.

We then reach Deerson lake. I know that you’re thinking that a wedding by a lake is a bit ‘been there done that’. But, as with everything else at Wilderness Weddings Kent, Deerson lake strips out the perfectly preened lawn and totally symmetrical lake and leaves you with a place where nature flourishes. The venue has built a wooden tower for a ceremony right next to the lake. It has plenty of charm and is even open-sided so you can still see across the impressive views. The lake glistens just below and plays host to an array of wild flowers, each one adding to a magical setting for your ceremony. That’s quite an invitation isn’t it?!

Some crucial details

You are given the choice of where to hold your ceremony, which I love- something for everyone! I should also tell you that they are fully licensed to hold civil ceremonies so no need to worry about that. If it were me, I would go woodland all the way! There is something completely magical about the gentle light you find in amongst trees. It brings a softness and an atmosphere to photographs that is much harder to achieve artificially. That’s the power of nature I guess. But, to be honest, you could choose either of the two locations and have the wedding photographs you always dreamed of!

What about the reception I hear you cry?! Well don’t worry quite yet, Wilderness Weddings Kent have thought it all through. They provide two large tipis which can house up to 120 guests for your wedding breakfast. Clear away the tables and you can have 200 people ready for a night of partying! So as you can see, a perfect setting with a venue that knows what they’re doing- need I say more?

Boho wedding photographer

I’ve always pitched myself as a Canterbury wedding photographer, or a Kent wedding photographer, which remains to be true. I always have and always will love Canterbury, simply because of how its historic beauty blends so well with today’s culture and people. But I had the privilege of photographing a few boho weddings over the summer and it’s started something in me. I love boho! I love the vibrant colours, the laid back vibes and the awesome shots I can get! That’s how I came up with the idea of a boho themed shoot. I knew about Wilderness Weddings Kent already, and as you can tell from the above, I love it! Two of my closest friends also run a bespoke handmade venue decoration business with a seriously cool boho vibe in every product. So I decided to get the two together. Cam and Sophie were perfect for this, being the most boho couple I know. And their decorations looked AWESOME! So watch out, a new Boho Wedding photographer is on the scene!

I’m so excited I can share some of the images from that day with you- I think they showcase what this venue and Boho Temple can offer. Wilderness Weddings Kent was the perfect backdrop for the styled shoot and would be the perfect backdrop for your boho wedding. And if you like the sound of Boho Temple (why wouldn’t you?!), you can check out their stuff here or look out for my next supplier shout out- I have a sneaky feeling they will be appearing soon!

beautiful couple laughing at Wilderness Weddings Kent


Ceremony location of wilderness weddings Couple laughing together in ceremony location Couple kissing in front of the lake at Wilderness Weddings Boho styled shoot at Wilderness Weddings Cute couple kiss during boho styled shoot Boho temple decorations Boho Bride laughing Boho styled shoot at Wilderness Weddings Kent Couple in field looking at each other Boho wedding photographer Boho decorations by BohoTemple BohoTemple Pom Poms Couple sitting in woodland with beautiful decorations Boho couple walking up a hill Silhouette of boho couple at Wilderness Weddings Kent Boho bride laughing Beautiful boho wedding dress Bride walking up hill Couple having fun on swing at Wilderness Weddings Kent The swing of Wilderness Weddings Kent Pom poms by BohoTemple Silhouette of couple on a bridge Boho bride with sun glasses smiling at Boho styled shoot at Wilderness Weddings Kent Cute couple rubbing their nose against each other. Couple at the sunset looking into each other's eyes at Boho styled shoot at Wilderness Weddings Kent Boho Bride at the stunning wilderness wedding venue in Kent during sunset.

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