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Bridesmaids get really excited when they see the bride for the first time on the wedding day.

Wedisson Award

So, what’s my news from March you ask? Well, no biggie but I won a Wedisson Award! You may be asking what that is- don’t worry, no offence taken!

The Wedisson Awards are given to people from all over the world. Any photographer from any corner of the globe can enter their wedding photos and believe me- they do! The Wedisson Award team then pick their absolute favourite images as winners of the awards. So I was absolutely chuffed when I found out I had won! Really, genuinely, over the moon. And I wanted to share this happy news with you. After all, where would I be without all my amazing couples and their lovely friends and family?!

The Photo

The photograph they picked has to be one of my absolute favourites as well. It was the moment Bekky revealed her wedding dress to her bridesmaids and family. As a photographer, you really have to make sure you’re in the right spot for moments like these. They only happen once! I managed to get the perfect shot of their faces and am I glad I did! You don’t even have to see Bekky’s dress to know it’s amazing. That’s what I love about photography. How you know she looked absolutely knock out but you don’t even know what she looked like. That’s the power a photograph can have. A single moment that someone can treasure forever. And that’s why I do what I do. To see and capture these amazing heart-felt moments- is there a better job on the planet?!

Anyway, a big shout out to the Wedisson Award folks who chose this image to win- thanks a million. I’ll make sure I get lots more like this over the coming months!

So check out the winning photo below- who do you think looks the most excited?!
Wedisson Award

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