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Karen and Duncan have confetti thrown at them after their wedding ceremony

Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography- Karen & Duncan

Duncan and Karen’s wedding was certainly one to remember! Firstly because of how beautiful they had made every aspect of their day. But also, in addition to that, the emotion that was expressed by everyone in attendance was really amazing to see. And the place they held their day was completely picturesque. You can be sure that any Old Kent Barn wedding photography is going to be amazing. They made the day just perfect due to how orientated they were towards the bride and groom.

First of all, Duncan and Karen got the day off to a great start with one of my favourite memories from the day. This was the moment they first saw each other. There was so much love between them in that moment and throughout the ceremony. It almost felt like a moment that myself and the other guests were intruding on. But none the less, very privileged to witness. Subsequently, those emotions were reflected throughout the day by their incredibly supportive friends and family. There was joy and laughter surrounding the happy couple from start to finish, especially during the speeches. While everyone thought they were hilarious, most of all they were moving and entirely one of a kind. They were so full of emotion and love, complementing the day perfectly.

Throughout the day I felt so welcomed by everyone I met, which made being the photographer as fun as being a guest. I therefore had no trouble in finding those perfect moments to describe the day. As a result, I feel so thankful to have had the opportunity to photograph Duncan and Karen’s wedding day.

Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography

To top it all off, the team at the Old Kent Barn were absolutely fantastic. They turned an already amazing venue into an amazing setting for Karen and Duncan’s wedding day. They made sure Karen and Duncan were happy throughout, hence the huge grins on their faces in almost every photo! Furthermore, the staff were really friendly and professional and ran like clockwork. And most noteworthy, they made sure the bride and groom got the wedding they had hoped for as a result of their hard work. In conclusion, what an amazing venue- perfect for an amazing couple. And I am certainly looking forward to my next day of Old Kent Barn wedding photography!

“He came, suited and booted and full of emotion for our day. He was completely invested in us. He snapped happily away all day… We received our photos very quickly and absolutely fell in love with them. He captured the day beautifully, all the love, happiness and emotion of us and all our friends and family.”

The Old Kent Barn in Canterbury The Old Kent Barn interior decorated for the wedding reception Groomsmen having a laugh before the ceremony Bride laughing with her friend before the ceremony at the old Kent barn Mother of the bride cries as she thinks about her daughter getting married The bride's sister cries as she reads letter from the bride Groom and groomsmen having fun together Karen walking down the aisle during her wedding ceremony Groom cries as he sees his beautiful bride walking down the aisle Bride and groom hug each other during the ceremony at the Old Kent Barn Duncan & Karen smile at each other during their ceremony Bride crying as her groom smiles happily Bestman, groom and bride laughing hard during the ceremony Karen throws her hand up in the air happily Photograph of couple having confetti thrown in their faces Photography at the Old Kent Barn Mother of the brides gives emotional speech Duncan giving his speech Duncan and Karen hugging tightly Sister of the bride laughing during speech Bride gets really emotional whilst giving her speech Brother in law listens to speech from the bride Bride and groom lift up t-shirts they were given as a wedding present Karen hugs her brother in law Wedding guests playing games at the Old Kent barn Karen hugs friend at the wedding reception Guests partying at reception Karen partying during her reception at The Old Kent Barn

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