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Hendall Manor Barns Wedding- Oli & Natalie

Oli and Natalie’s wedding day was at Hendall Manor Barns and was just amazing. From the people to the party to the couple portrait session, I loved every second! Part of what makes my job so fun is that I get to have a front row view of the best moments of a wedding day. Oli and Natalie were the perfect couple for this as throughout their wedding day, they just couldn’t stop giving each other sneaky looks of love. They looked so happy in every single photograph, I couldn’t help but snap away!

First of all, Oli and Natalie started their day in All Saints Lindfield and I got some of my favourite shots here. There’s a great moment where Oli and Natalie are looking at each other while everyone else is looking away. It looks like they are in a world of their own just for that moment. So amazing. See if you can spot it! Oli and Natalie then held their reception at Hendall Manor Barns which is a photographer’s dream. Oli and Natalie filled this idyllic venue with family, friends and laughter (especially during the speeches!) and made sure everyone had a great day.

Even in the fading evening light, we managed to sneak in an extra portrait session in the grounds of Hendall Manor Barns. I think these photos are probably my highlight from the day. To top it all of, the men in the wedding party finished the day with a round of cigars. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t tempted to join them but the photography opportunity was just too good to miss. Check out all of these moments and photos from the rest of the day below.

Hendall Manor Barns

Having the opportunity to shoot a wedding at Hendall Manor Barns was incredible. It was absolutely beautiful and the whole team of staff were amazing to work with. Hendall Manor Barns provides the perfect location for a country style wedding. You can definitely see that in the couple photos! They were so friendly and accommodating and therefore a real pleasure to work with.

“We absolutely love them and can’t wait to start putting some up.Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in and how brilliant you were on the day. We hugely appreciate everything you did. It was amazing to have you as our photographer.”

Bride and Groom walking through field on Hendall Manor Barns ground in Uckfield Groom and his friends laughing before the ceremony at All Saints Church Groom praying with his groomsmen before the ceremony Bride and her dad walking down the aisle smiling Bride and groom having an intimate moment during the ceremony Groom laughing during the vicar's talk Natalie and Oli hold each other tightly smiling at each other Oli laughing hard during at the vicar's talk Bride and groom get lots of confetti thrown at them Oli and Natalie at Hendal Manor Barns in Uckfield Little girl smiling at her mum in wedding venue in Uckfield Hendal Manor Barns Wedding- Oli & Natalie-12 Bride and groom laughing during the bestman speech at the wedding reception Oli and Natalie have their first dance at Hendall Manor Barns Guests pulling funny faces whilst dancing Father of the groom dancing with his niece Groomsmen smoking cigars in the Hendall Manor Barns grounds Couple looking into each other's eyes as the sun sets Bride and Groom walking through a field on Hendall Manor Barns ground in Uckfield

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