James Richard Photography

“He captured the day beautifully, all the love, happiness and emotion of us and all our friends and family.”- Karen & Duncan

You found me! I was hoping you would.

Thanks for reading this far. I like you already. We’ll get to know each other pretty well on the run up to your wedding, so for now I’ll just give you the highlights.

I could tell you lots of things about me. I could tell you that I grew up in Brussels (so am, by default, a Belgian) or that I can, as a result of said Belgian-ness, speak French. I could tell you my wife bought me my first ever professional-grade camera (so this is all her fault, really). I could tell you how my folks worked for Canon, which makes me a sort of photography legacy. I could even tell you of my ongoing fondness for Superman (I’m his numero uno fan).

I could tell you that my own mum and dad have just ONE photo from their wedding day. Their photographer lost all the other photos (in the days before USB sticks) and now, some thirty odd years later, my mum still gets a bit sad when she thinks of it. I could tell you that this, among other reasons, is why I take my job so seriously.

I could tell you ALL SORTS of things to add colour to my brand personality, but what you really need to know is this: I am a kick-ass photographer whose energy, friendliness and ability to vibe with even the most off-the-wall weddings will add something magical to your day.

“His photography is breathtaking and his personality is truly heartwarming. 5 stars aren’t enough for this one of a kind human…so here’s another one ⭐️”- Amy & Andrew

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