James Richard Photography

“If you don’t book him now then you’re seriously missing out!!”- Frankie & Andy


In a nutshell, I’m a vivid, creative docu-style photographer that’s all about capturing real and natural moments.

We won’t “stage” too many of your shots. Naturally, we’ll cover all of the formal lineups that you guys want (gotta keep Mum happy after all) but mostly I like to record the day as it unfolds, that’s where the really cracking shots come from. You can’t fake a special moment (I mean, you can but I don’t like doing it) and my approach and laid-back nature means you’ll feel completely comfortable with me, which’ll make for some gorgeous photographs.

Above all, I’m properly enthusiastic. I love weddings! I know that feels like an obvious thing to say but I really do. Plenty of photographers have a rather tired view of weddings, and I’m often told that I’m a bit of a breath of fresh air in that department. I just love ‘em. I love the relationships I get to build with new people through shooting their day, and taking a very special role in on the most significant event of their lives. It’s a rare honour.

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